Wonder Woman: Stephanie Sallette of Studio NooSH

By Lynn Yen 2023-02-23 16:37:59


Tell us about yourself

I am the co-founder of Studio NooSH, a responsible interior decoration brand created two years ago with Kim Duker, Dutch expert in interior decoration.

We work with local artisans, sustainable fabric and we value heritage from the East and the West.


What inspired you to start Studio NooSH?

Our adventure started when Kim and I met on Anfu Road in Shanghai. Our passion for beautiful homes, fashion and trends crisscrossed our paths and we clicked.

As expats, we lived in houses that were not ours and far away from our families. We had the desire to create a warm atmosphere where our loved ones and guests feel at home.

Studio NooSH was born in 2020. Not being able to travel, we felt we needed to upgrade our homes to feel good. We created a brand with strong values around sustainability and craftsmanship.



Kim and I decided to use linen as our main fabric. We knew that linen is not only a fantastic styling product but it also has several other major benefits such as hypoallergenic, durable, thermoregulative, and biodegradable.

We now create the loveliest pieces with embroideries to spice up homes and give meaning to family dinners and bedrooms.

In March 2021, we were looking for a studio. We wanted to create a space where we could work and showcase our products. As entrepreneurs, we had a limited budget to start with so we naturally reached out to brands that had similar values to rent the place together. We immediately felt in love with this Attic space (3F, House 6, 228 Anfu Road). It reminded us of an old house in the French country side and it has the charm of the Shanghai lanes.

We now have a large choice of lifestyle brands with Fernanda Sung (jewelry), Chinoises (apparel and accessories), Hutan (bags) and Handhandhand (candles and scents).

Every month, we also invite young designers from all over China for pop-ups and we just started our artist series, a new concept to meet an artist (photographer, painter, ceramist) and their work.



How do you stay inspired and motivated?

Our travels keep us inspired. The last years we travelled a lot in China and this summer we both went on a 10-day road trip in Puglia, Italy. Our heads are filled with memories, colors, and shapes that we will use for our next collection.

Our motivation comes from many ways. First the people. We work closely with a small number of trusted, certified local suppliers with whom we have built strong relationships.

Then our customers and clients. We personalize our collection with embroideries for B2C and B2B channels. We love working on their new ideas and projects to help create amazing moments around the table.

Entering new markets. This year we will launch a new brand in Holland where Kim is now based. We are thrilled to test the market and see how people will react to our collection.


The Attic 228

Address: 3F, House 6, 228 Anfu Road

Hours: Thurs-Sat, 11a.m.- 6 p.m.

WeChat: studionoosh