Springing with Hope

By Eve Wee-Ang 2023-08-03 15:57:13

Fashioning a new beginning

It is easier to be positive when times are good. But when life throws you a huge curveball, manifesting positivity requires goliath faith and conviction. Fresh out of volunteering at her estate in the thick of last year’s lockdown, Lyn She-Wu had a nagging pain in her neck that refused to go away. After a month-long check, delayed by covid restrictions, she discovered she had Stage 2 lymphoma. A 16cm tumor was sitting between her lungs and heart. And so began a yearlong treatment of chemotherapy and radiation that would tear her away from her three kids and loving husband who held up the family.

A vivacious art consultant and a pursuer of life, fashion, and fun, Singaporean Lyn is a staunch disciple of giving back what life has blessed her with. With the strict no-visitor policy during her hospital stay, friends felt helpless watching her fight from their screens yet unable to provide physical support. To receive their love, Lyn set up a charity fundraising drive on her birthday and asked that her friends channel their gifts to sponsor two children with congenital heart surgeries instead. With that, two young lives were saved. Though her darkest days are behind her, her ordeal has taught her the fragility of life and how being positive is not only a mindset but a choice.



Here are Lyn’s tips and go-tos for fashion-loving women undergoing cancer treatment:


Wigs are fun!

“Thick, straight jet-black long hair was my signature. When my hair started falling out, my husband and I shaved our heads together as a strength of solidarity. My hair is growing out nicely, but I am having so much fun experimenting with wigs right now! It’s like a theatre performance, picking my wig to match my outfit! “

V’s Fake Hair (LCM Mall)


Get a good tailor.

“I lost a lot of weight and couldn’t fit into my clothes. I sent them all to my super tailor of 15 years who returned my curves to me again.”

Nancy from the Fabric Market (WeChat ID: a33642140)


Support brands that celebrate you
“I love fashion, and cancer is not going to stop me from wearing what I want. A girlfriend brought me to a place that rents and sells ball gowns. I had so much fun being a princess for a day. Don’t take yourself too seriously! Have fun, live life!”

Susu Couture (Tel: 138 1873 7351)



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